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International Journal of Language Studies

A Quarterly Journal of Applied Linguistics

ISSN: 2157-4898 | eISSN: 2157-4901

Sherpa/RoMEO Color: Yellow


Editor: Mohammad A. Salmani Nodoushan

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Rights & Permissions

Publisher Rights

  1. If, after a work is published, it is discovered that any author has breached our honesty agreement, their papers will be retracted, and legal action will be taken against them.
  2. IJLS is NOT an open-access journal. Based on Sherpa/RoMEO color classifications, it is a yellow journal. This means that authors are allowed to archive ONLY their own pre-prints (i.e., their own drafts--uncorrected drafts prepared prior to submission to IJLS); authors are NOT allowed to archive postprints of their works in any open-access repository; that is, they CANNOT archive (a) their own final versions after receiving and amending IJLS reviewers' comments, (b) the final PDF versions published in IJLS, or (c) both (within the embargo period). If any author, his/her affiliation, or any third party breaches this agreement, the author will be liable for the damage caused by his/her action.

Author Rights

  1. Based on Sherpa/RoMEO color classifications, IJLS is a yellow journal, so authors are allowed to archive ONLY their pre-prints (i.e., their own drafts--drafts prepared prior to initial submission to IJLS), but NOT the post-prints or IJLS PDF versions of their works. If authors still wish to archive the post-prints or IJLS PDF versions of their works in online open-access repositories, they should see our Yellow Open Access Policy.
  2. Authors retain the right to disseminate ONLY the bibliographical details of their published papers (i.e., title, abstract, keywords, etc.).
  3. Since IJLS is a subscription-based journal, there is an embargo period of 36 months before a manuscript becomes available for free to the public. The embargo period begins from the date the article is formally published online in its final and fully citable form (i.e., online publication date). This means that authors also retain the right to archive IJLS PDF versions of their published papers 36 months after their online publication dates.
  4. Authors have the right to privately share their articles for private personal use, private internal institutional use, and private scholarly-sharing purposes.