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International Journal of Language Studies

A Quarterly Journal of Applied Linguistics

ISSN: 2157-4898 | eISSN: 2157-4901

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Editor: Mohammad A. Salmani Nodoushan

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Editor in Chief

Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Iran

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Language Studies is the continuation of Iranian Journal of Language Studies (which was published at the University of Zanjan, Iran, until October 2009). It is a refereed international journal publishing articles and reports dealing with theoretical as well as practical issues focusing on language, communication, society and culture. IJLS publishes contributions from researchers in all fields relevant to Applied Linguistics.

International Journal of Language Studies operates a doubly-masked peer review process; it publishes papers which report the findings of original research on the current trends and topics in Applied Linguistics. Special issues focused on applied linguistic topics may also be published. Contributions handling applied linguistic problems in a principled way by reference to theoretical studies are encouraged.

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Excerption of materials published in IJLS is permitted only if users credit the source(s) to IJLS in their works.

How to Subscribe

Individuals and institutions may subscribe to IJLS through EBSCO or RICeST. They may also place orders to purchase print-on-demand (PoD) copies of the journal from Lulu Press Inc. Please see our subscription page for more information on subscription and purchase.

Author Copies

Print copies are not provided. Authors only receive PDF copies of their published articles. Authors can place orders HERE to obtain Print-on-Demand (PoD) copies from Lulu Press Inc.


To join in the fight against climate change and global warming, we have stopped the just-in-case print version of the journal beginning with Volume 14, Number 3. Nevertheless, published authors (and interested readers) may request to receive the digital-print-ready inside and cover of each journal issue which they can then deliver to the nearest digital-print shop in their neighborhoods and have published in just-in-time print format. We hope this small step can save at least some trees and help to fight climate change.

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Based on Sherpa/RoMEO color classifications, it is a yellow journal. This means that authors are allowed to archive ONLY their own pre-prints (i.e., their own drafts--uncorrected drafts prepared prior to submission to IJLS); authors are NOT allowed to archive postprints of their works in any open-access repository; that is, they CANNOT archive (a) their own final versions after receiving and amending IJLS reviewers' comments, (b) the final PDF versions published in IJLS, or (c) both (within the embargo period). Authors retain the right to disseminate ONLY the bibliographical details of their published papers (i.e., title, abstract, keywords, etc.). There is an embargo period of 36 months, so authors do retain the right to archive IJLS PDF versions of their published papers 36 months after their online publication dates.