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Professor Stefania D’Avanzo

Education: English Language and Translation

Affiliation: University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Italy


Department of Economics

Università degli studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

Corso Gran Priorato di Malta

81043 Capua (CE)


Phone: (+39)






Stefania D’Avanzo is Associate Professor of English Language, Translation and Linguistics at University of Campania ‘L. Vanvitelli’. She earned a PHD in English for Special Purposes from the University of Naples ‘Federico II’. Her main research interests and publications focus on Corporate, Legal, Medical, Environmental, Institutional and Popularization Discourse. Methodology and theoretical approaches include, among others, Multimodality, Corpus Based Approach, Critical Discourse Analysis, Cognitive Linguistics. She has been member of some relevant national projects, including, among others, the COFIN PRIN project entitled “Tensioni e variazioni nei generi settoriali inglesi” (Title of the local project: “Processi evolutivi di generi e istituzioni: variazioni di politiche e pratiche discorsive”) promoted by the University of Bergamo and the University of Naples ‘Federico II’. She has recently published a paper on medical communication (D’Avanzo, S. 2024. Misinformation through Social Media: The TikTok ‘Debate’ on the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Institutional Reaction) and co-edited a special issue on business narratives (Catenaccio, P., D’Avanzo, S., Geert, J. (eds). Narrating and communicating business ‘stories’- multifaceted approaches to corporate communication, I-Land Journal 1/2021). She is the author of a monograph on legal and political discourse on Immigration and asylum (D’Avanzo, S. 2012. Europe: Home of migrants built on Sand. EU Political and Legal Discourse on Immigration and Asylum. Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

Selected Publications

D'Avanzo, S. (2012). Europe: Home of migrants built on Sand: EU political and legal discourse on immigration and asylum. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
D’Avanzo, S. (2023). Europe ‘wears’ green: Investigating legal implementation of ‘green economy’ policies. In G. Tessuto, R. Ashcroft & V. K. Bhatia (Eds.), Professional discourse across medicine, law and other disciplines: Issues and perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
D’Avanzo, S. (2024a). Misinformation through social media: The TikTok ‘debate’ on the COVID-19 pandemic and the institutional reaction. In G. Tessuto & M. Caraglia (Eds.), Framing ethics and plagiarism in medical research writing and publishing. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
D’Avanzo, S. (2024b). Promoting students’ mental health in Academia: An investigation of counselling services sections on British and American University websites. MediAzioni, 42, A29-A43.