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Dr Maria Cristina Nisco

Education: PhD in English for Special Purposes (Senior Lecturer)

Affiliation: University of Naples ‘Parthenope’, Italy


Via Medina, 40

I piano, Stanza 7

80133 Napoli


Phone: +39-081-547-4642

Fax: +39

Mobile: +39




Maria Cristina Nisco, PhD in English for Special Purposes, is Associate Professor of English Language and Translation Studies at the University of Naples ‘Parthenope’, where she is also a board member of the international PhD programme in ‘Euro-languages and Specialised Terminologies’. She has taught in the field of English for Political Science and International Relations, English for Tourism and Cultural Heritage, and English for Professional Purposes, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her current research areas include identity and diversity in media and legal discourse, through the lens offered by CDA and corpus linguistics. She has published extensively in edited volumes and peer-reviewed journals on the linguistic and discursive construal of ethnic and gender diversity, migration, and disability. She has authored two monographs and co-edited two volumes. She is also the co-editor in chief of the international peer-reviewed I-LanD Journal, and a member of the editorial board of De Genere Journal.

Selected Publications