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Dr Hamid Allami

Education: PhD in Applied Linguistics/TESOL

Affiliation: Yazd University, Iran


School of Foreign Languages

Yazd University

University Boulevard

Safayieh, Yazd, Iran

PO Box: 89195-741

Phone: +98-(0)35-3123-2069

Fax: +98-(0)35-3821-2788

Mobile: +98-(0)913-XXX-XXXX




Dr Hamid Allami has received his PhD in Applied Linguistics/TESOL from the University of Isfahan, Iran. He is currently Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics/TESOL at the English Department of the School of Foreign Languages of Yazd University, Iran. He has over 25 years of teaching experience, and has taught major courses at BA, MA, and PhD levels. Dr Allami’s research on politeness and pragmatics has received critical acclaim in Iran. His main areas of research are sociolinguistics, linguistic politeness, and pragmatics.

Selected Publications

Allami, H., & Naeimi, A. (2011). A cross-linguistic study of refusals: An analysis of pragmatic competence development in Iranian EFL learners. Journal of Pragmatics, 43(1), 385-406.
Allami, H., & Montazeri, M. (2012). Iranian EFL learners' compliment responses. System, 40(4), 466-482.